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How To Deal With Bad Tenants


Numerous individuals have actually become so annoyed by having to deal with bad tenants that they merely sold their investment properties. You just need to learn some techniques to help you deal with bad tenants.


1. Make certain that you have a written contract between you and the tenant establishing the quantity of money they consent to pay each month, the day of the month they accept pay the cash, and the effects of not paying the cash on time. Note each action that you will take for renters who do not pay on time so that the tenant cannot litigate and say that they did not know exactly what would take place.


2. Make certain that correspondence between you and tenants that do not pay on time is sent out through qualified mail. When you send a letter through qualified mail you will get a signed card after the individual that it was sent by mail to receive it. The tenant cannot claim that they were not alerted.


3. Never get into a spoken argument with the renters. You must do all communications in writing so that you have irrevocable evidence of exactly what you state, what the tenant says, and no one will have the ability to make false accusations about you.


4. Be reasonable and take the same procedures with every tenant. Do not play favorites, or permit one occupant to get away with paying late, or paying partial payments. You need to run the leasing of properties as an operation. Develop a clear set of rules, and apply those rules to every renter. This will make it simpler when you handle bad occupants.


5. Hire the regional constable to serve eviction notices so that you get a signed copy of the notification. Never serve expulsion notifications without a constable or constable deputy present.


6. Do not shut off the electricity, water, or other utilities to your home without learning whether or not these measures are legal in your state. Some states will not enable you to shut off the utilities to a home at all, some say you cannot turn off the energies if pregnant women, or children live there, and some say that you cannot shut off the utilities if a senior lives there.


7. Do not call and threaten, or pester, the tenant. You may be disappointed but you have to handle these matters civilly, and with decorum. You must at all times control your mood, and keep any judgments to yourself so that you do not infringe on the rights of the tenant.


Having a tenant that breaks the rules, breaks their agreement, or just does not pay, is an aggravating part of owning rental property. You ought to not permit one bad apple to spoil the entire barrel. Merely eliminate the bad egg and advance with your life.